Swim N' Kids - Swim Instuction for Children

Swim N' Kids is an 8-week Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday swimming program for kids ages 3-11. Swim lessons are a great way to teach children how to be safe and have fun in and around the water, while providing lifelong skills that can help them stay active and healthy. Through instructional classes, children will learn and practice basic swimming skills, including breathing, kicking and floating. All swim classes are held in our competition-sized swimming pool, with a certified swim instructor.

Eligibility and Contact Info

Priority for families that live in the Lower East Side, Little Italy, Chinatown or Loisaida neighborhoods. Priority for families who meet income requirements and show proof of income or being on public assistance. 

scholarships available upon submitting tax forms. 

Please call 212-475-5008 for more information.

SUMMER 2019                                                                    July 1 - Aug. 22nd

Level 1:  Monday, 3:45-4:30PM                               $198 per session 

              Tuesday, 4:00-4:45PM                              $198 per session 

              Thursday, 4:40-5:10PM , 5:20PM-5:50PM   $116 per session 

              Saturday, 2:00-2:30PM, 2:40PM-3:10PM     $132 per session 

              Sunday, 2:55-3:25PM                                $198 per session

Level 2: Thursday, 4:00- 4:30PM                               $116 per session 

             Saturday, 2:00-2:30PM, 2:40-3:10PM           $132 per session

             Sunday, 2:00-2:45PM                                  $198 per session 

Level 3: Saturday, 3:20PM-3:50PM                            $132 per session

Enrollment and Contact Info                                                       

For more information, please call 212-475-5008.

Registration is first come, first served and based on eligibility. Registration sessions include: enrollment and class registration. See enrollment form below

Swim N Kids Enrollment Form

If you are unable to download and print the enrollment form, please stop by University Settlement's front desk at the Houston Street Center or call 212-475-5008 to request to have forms mailed to your residence.

Swim Levels

Level 1

This level helps children develop safe pool behavior, including adjusting to the water and developing independent movement skills.  It is designed for new swimmers and teaches kids basic paddle strokes, kicking skills and pool safety, and increases comfort in holding their faces under the water and blowing bubbles.

Level 2

This is an advanced-beginner class that reinforces Pike skills.  It is for children who are comfortable in the water.  They must able to swim horizontally with a flotation device (feet splashing).  They are taught to swim a progressive paddle stroke and by the end of the class will be attempting to swim the width of the pool without a flotation device.


  • Please DO NOT eat 45 minutes before swimming!  If a child vomits in the pool during class, the Center preserves the right to enforce penalty
  • Parent/caretaker MUST stay in observation area during class time
  • Please kindly note the refunds are not available and Class Credits are ONLY provided when class is cancelled by the Center's Aquatic Department

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