EXCEL at the Houston Street Center

The EXCEL program provides fun, engaging and recreational services for children, teens and young adults with Special Needs. EXCEL includes instruction in swim, baking, art, drama, computers & technology, career development and healthy expression.

Early Fall 
September 2nd - October 27th    


LEGO Creations (Ages 4-11)

Sundays, 1:30-2:30pm 

Enrollment: $70/8 week course                                                                               
Lego Making provides children on the autism spectrum (or with special needs) the opportunity to engage with peers and improve their social interactions and motor skills through a fun and engaging Lego-Making activity. Each week, children will engage in shared Lego projects that encourage peer collaboration, communication and creativity.    

Beginner Swim

Level Day Time
 Swim Level 1 Thursday 4:15-4:45pm
Thursday 4:45-5:15pm
Saturday 3:00-3:30pm
Saturday 3:30-4:00pm
Sunday 2:00-2:30pm
 Swim Level 2      

Enrollment: $90/8 week course     

Basic swim instruction for individuals with special needs. Swimmers will learn techniques in breathing, floating, and kicking. If you need special accommodations, please ask. We will do our best to accommodate a variety of needs. Small class size.  

Communication Station (Ages 6 & up)

Saturdays, 1:00-2:00pm

Enrollment: $70/8 week course  

Did you know drama classes can promote socialization, creativity, teambuilding and vocalization? Enhance your child's communication skills and confidence in a safe, fun theatrical setting. Each class will promote diction, articulation, projection and, healthy breathing techniques.

Movement & Improvement  

Saturdays, 2:00-3:00pm           

Enrollment: $70/8 week course                               

Gain confidence and build skills through simple, gentle dance moves. Movement and dance can also improve cognitive, emotional, physical and social health in your child. In addition to a fun learning environment in the classroom, each student will have the unique opportunity to demonstrate their new skills and perform at University Settlements professional theater! Lights, Camera, Action!

Imagination Playground

Sundays, 12:30-1:30pm

Enrollment: $100/8 week course

Imagination Playground is designed to prompt creativity and sensory exploration with a manipulable environment that uses custom designed blue building blocks and other materials to encourage child-directed free play. Trained Play Associates will guide children to turn their playground into a space constantly built and re-built by their imagination.
Let your child's imagination lead the way!

The Taste of Success (Ages 4 & up)

Saturdays, 11:00am-12:00pm

Enrollment: $85/8 week course

Baking can be a delicious and developmental learning opportunity for children of all backgrounds. In addition to creating a variety of tasty treats, students will develop socialization, sensory integration skills and improve their focus and attention. Come join us for cupcakes, smiles and a strong sense of accomplishment.

QiGong for Families

Sundays 4:15-5:15pm

Enrollment:  $60/8 week course      

Through graceful movements, meditation, and controlled breathing techniques, QiGong promotes the circulation of qi, the ancient notion of "energy flow," within the body, enhancing physical and emotional health.

FOR TEENS & YOUNG ADULTS                                                                                          

Swim Level 1

Saturdays, 4:00-5:00pm

Enrollment: $100/8 week course     
Beginner swim instruction designed especially for teens & young adults with special needs.

Drama Station

Saturdays, 10:00am- 12:00pm 

Enrollment: $80/8 week course 

In a team setting, students will develop creativity and performance skills while discovering new things about themselves. This course uses drama to enhance expression skills and build confidence, friendships and community. There will be an opportunity to perform in University Settlement's professional theater, Speyer Hall located at 184 Eldridge St.

Zumba/Hip Hop Dance

Saturdays, 2:30-3:30pm 

Enrollment $65/8 week course 

A feel-happy workout that combines a motivating fusion of Latin and international music with unique moves and dynamic combinations. A combination of fast and slow rhythms tone and sculpt the body, maximizing caloric output, fat burning and total body toning.

Technology & Creative Expressions

Sundays, 2:00-4:00pm

Enrollment: $80/8 week course

Together with your team, put together a Multimedia Production using Powerpoint, GarbageBand, and other programs to creatively tell Your story with special effects!  Work on your online portfolio, and enhance your communication skills for career development.  Develop skills and practice expressing thoughts, feelings and ideas in interviews, the work place and other social and professional settings! 


20% off fees when you enroll in 3 courses or more

Sibling discount & additional scholarship available

Call 212-475-5008 to enroll and/or complete the enrollment form and submit to houstonstreetcenter@universitysettlement.org or University Settlement at the Houston Street Center's front desk. 
Enrollment Form in Chinese and Enrollment Form in Spanish.     

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