Forever Learn - Low Cost Adult Courses

forever Learn                                               Low-Cost Adult Courses                                                              

Self Defense using Kokushiryu Jujutsu

Fridays, 6:00-7:00pm

Kokushi-ryu Jujutsu has been developed by Soke Nobuyoshi Higashi, offeringsystematized Jujutsu techniques. In this class students will be introduced to falling, striking, kicking, joint locks, and throwing. A certified instructor will oversee all classes, and safety and enjoyment will be emphasized. Ages 12+

Beginner Swim 

Tuesday, 6:15- 7PM

Sundays,   4:25-5:10PM

Basic swim instruction for adults. Learn techniques in breathing, floating andkicking. All levels welcome. Small class size!  It's an adult class, ages 12-17 may join with parent consent.

call 212-475-5008 to enroll and/or complete the enrollment form and submit to or University Settlement at the Houston Street Center's front desk.



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